Affiliate Links

Some of the links on this website are what is known as affiliate links. These links will take you to a product or service (such as a telescope or piece of astronomy related item) which you are then able to … Read More

A Newly Found Comet Might Become 2021’s Brightest Comet

Exciting news! A newly found comet might become 2021’s brightest comet. Astronomer Greg Leonard discovered the comet that now bears his name – C/2021 A1 (Leonard) – on January 3, 2021 at the Mount Lemmon Observatory in Arizona. Astronomers report that discovery images … Read More

We Finally Know How Long a Day on Saturn Is

For years, the length of Saturn’s day has remained an unsolved puzzle for frustrated astronomers. But now a student at the University of California, Santa Cruz, believes he has finally solved the mystery. Christopher Mankovich used the rings of the … Read More