Astronomy Posters

The Best Astronomy Posters

If you love the Universe then definitely will like to have some awesome Astronomy Posters on the wall at home or the office. Here we have selected some posters of the Universe and Space that we really like and would have taken them all if we had enough walls at home. Some of them are even glowing at night. And how cool is this? The collection includes:

Solar System



 Galaxies and Nebulas 

 Beauties on Canvas

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  • Hello Ignat
    Thanks for sharing the post with the posters, I liked them and clicked to view more.
    Unfortunately some do not give details on how to use them, the prices are ok though, $9.97 for a poster is really reasonable in my opinion.
    One thing I`d like to know before making a purchase, how can I use the posters? I mean if I buy 1 poster, can I use it in more than one place?Amazon did not explain this part so im not sure.
    Asking so as not to get into any trouble.
    Thanks for your answer

    • Hi Roamy,

      I use to live in UK before and during that time I got many posters at our house. One year ago I moved to another country and when start packing I had the same question as you. The answer probably depends of how you put the poster on the first place. I was using a blue tack and had no problems with getting them out from the walls. 

      Hope that helps 

      Cheers, and thanks for the comment!

  • Thank you for putting these together, Ignant.

    I absolutely love the “Solar System” posters. However, I would love to know on what type of paper these are printed before making a purchase. I tend to like high gloss photography paper for my posters because these always look good when framed.

    I clicked on the 5 Panel Modern Printed Universe Earth Oil Painting Canvas Art to find out whether it can be shipped to Saudi Arabia, but it appears to be currently unavailable on Amazon and they’re not sure whether that item will be back in stock. Do you have any idea where else this can be bought?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Thank you Princila,

      I Love the Posters as well, that’s why I have some of them at home. All of them are in very good quality paper, most are printed on the type of gloss photography paper but there is exceptions. In the “Solar System” section the last two are with that kind of paper, the rest are glossy as well, but not so solid.

      I have changed the poster you have mention due the unavailability an Amazon wit another one and will look forward to get them back in the list. 

      Thanks for the comment. Cheers 

  • Wow!! these are some really nice posters you have! I actually wanted to buy one for my son’s room, but the ones I wanted (the canvas or the glowing in the dark) do not ship to Spain 🙁
    Do you have similar products that do ship to Spain? I really want one of thise!!

    • Hola Anna, como va!

      Thanks for the kind words, I’m on vacation without my computer but will try to find that one for you by my phone. I will let you know if I succeed! Un abraso!

  • Hi Ignat.

    That’s a beatiful collection of posters! I love these canvas pictures, especially the “Sunrise over the Earth” one. It’s beautiful, literally mind blowing. And for the size, the price is quite good, actually. I’ll need to discuss that with my wife, but if she agrees, I’m certainly gonna buy one!

    All the best to you,

  • I love astronomy and everything to do with it.  My kids and I go outside at night and look at the sky to identify things.

    These posters are fabulous.   The price is great and the quality is great.  There are so many great ones.  i’ve found a few that I wouldn’t mind getting and framing even.  My wife would kill me as our house isn’t designed for this sort of thing on the wall

    • The posters are fabulous, yes, and very soon I will add many more! So be ready Stew, and start have a discussion with your wife :)))

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