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Celestron 8-24mm Zoom Eyepiece



  • Model # – 93230
  • Focal length range – 8mm to 24 millimeters
  • Optical design – 4 elements in 3 groups
  • Angular field of view – 40 degrees (at 24mm) to 60 degrees (at 8mm)
  • Eye relief – 15mm (at 8mm) to 18mm (at 24mm)
  • Lens Coatings – Fully multi-coated
  • Body diameter: 1.8″
  • Mounting barrel diameter – 1.25″
  • Overall length – 4.25″ (including eyecup)
  • Weight – 7.9 ounces
  • Eyecup: Rubber
  • Accessories – Fitted plastic case, front and rear lens caps
  • Best place to buy: Amazon
  • My Rating: 4.8 out of 5 

If you are proud owner of a telescope, but still have only one eyepiece for observation, it’s may be time to take another one.

I present to you Celestron 8-24mm Zoom Eyepiece

This is not just eyepiece, it’s eyepiece with Variable focal length (zoom) lenses!

Extremely practical thing. Especially if your first eyepiece is 25 mm, then prepare to rediscover your telescope and the night sky as well.

With my 6 inch Celestron  was definitely okay to observe in detail the Moon, but now I can observe in detail each of the craters. And this is a separate science! This is because of the incredible magnification which Celestron 8-24mm Zoom Eyepiece provides.

How to calculate the magnification of your telescope? The formula is pretty simple. To calculate power, divide the focal length of the eyepiece into the focal length of the objective lens.

Here’s what shows up in my case:

Before: 1500/25 = 60x                               Now: 1500/8 = 187x

As you can see the power goes up over 100 times!

Look closely at the storms of Jupiter, clearly view the rings of Saturn, get closer to the Orion Nebula. You know the opportunity are endless just as the night sky. Stop  wondering and order now. You know very well that you will not regret it!

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Celestron 1.25-Inch Premium Telescope Accessory Kit – 5pcs Plossl Eyepiece Set, 7pcs Filter Set, 2x Barlow Lens


  • This fifteen-piece 1.25 inch astronomy accessory kit let you get the most out and enhances the performance of your telescope. 
  • 6mm/8mm/12.5mm/ 20mm/40mm Multi-Coated plossl eyepiece——for different power planetary and lunar observation broad-field lunar observations, star clusters, and a wide range of cloudy nebulas and deep-sky target, as well as daytime use in any telescope.
  • 5 color planetary filters —— The five color filters (Red, Blue, Orange, Green&Yellow) and a polarizing filter highlight features on Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. They are an essential tool of the lunar and planetary observer, for filters permit the observation and photography of surface detail that is often virtually invisible w
    ithout filtration. Moon filter —— helps to dim the bright light from the Moon, making it more comfortable to view so you can see more detail and surface features.
  • 2X Multi-Coated Barlow lens —— A visual Barlow, doubles the magnification of any inserted 1.25 inch eyepiece, A prime focus T-adapter for attaching a DSLR camera. With the T2 threads (M42x0.75), you can attach a T-ring for astronomy photography. A tele-extender for increasing the focal length of the telescope when attaching a DSLR camera.
  • An Accessory Case (Silver)——not only does it hold up all the accessories, but also with extra space for another two eyepieces, a laser pointer, a diagonal or other small accessories.
  • Best Place to Buy: Amazon
  • My Rating: 4.6 of 5


Definitely awesome kit! You should know that only the eyepieces cost much more if you get them separately. And here you have filter kit as well! And even more… All this in beautiful  aluminium, foam-lined, carry case. Sounds like everything that an back-yard astronomer needs. Check the current price bellow.

Check the Best Price Here






10 Responses

  • I have really been fascinated with the universe lately. Its crazy all the stuff that goes on up there. I am in the market for a telescope to use for fun and for the kids. I know nothing really of what to buy. Would you recommend a brand. And would you get the 8-24 eye piece for someone just starting?

    • Yup, the Universe is something mind blowing and once you look trough Telescope you will be even more amazed! I’m definitely Celestron fan! It’s leader on the telescope market and all products are best quality. If you are looking to get a telescope, then read the article here before make a purchase.

      Thanks for the comment Gareth Martin and all best!

  • I wanted to make a telescope and I have the body and other lenses needed and were looking for the eyepiece. How to figure out which eyepiece is the perfect one for my telescope.
    This one seems like the fit however, I wanted to know if you have a post on finding out how to figure out the perfect eyepiece!

    • Hi Shrey 🙂

      It’s interesting thing what you are doing – making a Telescope. There is article here about all the parts of the telescopes. For sure you will find it very useful. Enjoy 🙂

  • I’ve always been interested in buying or customizing my own telescope. I love looking up into space and going star gazing. I’ve always been fascinated with the constellations. Would you recommend buying a telescope from Celestron or do they only specialize in eyepieces? How much does magnification matter in terms of pairing up the telescope with a certain eyepiece? Also, Do you have any article that explains how telescopes work? I’m not too familiar with all that and would love to learn more. Thanks a ton!

    • Hi Kyle,

      Happy to know you like the night sky! Definitely you should go one step further and take a telescope. You will be amazed what you can see up there. I’m recommending Celestron for two reasons: 1: They are the best on the market, and 2: I have my own Celestron NexStar SE6  for more than 5 years and its still has the best images I’ve ever seen  on the telescope’s eyepiece! Speaking for eyepieces and magnification you should know that is depending of the Telescope aperture. I have good reading about this, and the structure of the Telescopes as well HERE . For any further question – I’m here to help you 🙂

      Thanks for the comment! Cheers 

  • I wanted to thank you for the information. I never in a million years would have thought to replace the eye piece increase the viewing ability of a telescope. I don’t personally own a telescope because I thought you had to buy a really expensive telescope to see things in greater detail but now this makes me realize that that is not necessarily the case.

    • I have to confess that I got my Telescope without knowing much about it. Few months later I figured out about the ability to replace the eyepieces. Ind that was a news! Now I have the zoomable Celestron 8-24mm and almost stop using the 25mm that I got with the Telescope. 

      It is not necessary to get an expensive Telescope,  just choose a good one and then you are be able to change the eyepiece and see in a details whatever you like!

      Thanks for the comment Daniel. Hope to see you soon staring at the night sky!


  • Hey there! I really like the set of telescope eye pieces but I’m confused. Do these go on the big telescopes that you set on the ground or are the small like a desk sized telescope? I think my daughter would really love this and it would make a nice family activity for her, my hubby and I to do some nights but I need to know what type of telescope to get first.

    Hope this makes sense and I appreciate the help 🙂


    • Hi Marlinda Davis!

      The small “desk” telescope are cut, but unfortunately are very useful. The good news is you just need to add little more money and you will get a proper telescope for your back yard. Read the article here about buying a first telescope – is not so many things you need to know, and get one. This will change your life, just as happened with me! If you have some question – don’t forget I’m here to help!

      Thank you!

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