What is Space Travel?


Scientists have been looking from long time for safely travel to space. The main problems for the realization of this idea are related to long distances and the fact that the human organism may not resist such a journey. For example, the distance between Earth and Mars is about 55 million kilometers, and months are needed to get to the Red” Planet. “Innovative Advanced Concepts” is an innovative NASA program that offers solutions to these obstacles.

What is Space Travel?Their concept envisages the construction of a special cabin in which human can travel safely to Mars for several months. The module will have a volume of 380 cubic meters and will have a weight of approximately 28 tons. The facility will accommodate six people who will be placed in a state of hibernation.

NASA identifies it as a state of “inactive metabolic immobility” and is comparable to winter sleep in some animals. Doctors in certain diseases place patients in similar conditions, but only for a few days. The idea of researchers is to optimize this process and allow people to “hibernate” for months to maintain a trip to Mars. NASA will soon begin the first tests with this innovative module.

Watch the video below and see How Dangerous is Deep Space Travel to Mars and Beyond.


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