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The Best Astronomy Gifts and Toys

Yes! I love The Universe! And if you feel the same, then you probably will like everything related with Astronomy and Space. We have to confess – this is our Passion! And we believe this is one of the best we can have. Unfortunately only very few people can go into outer Space to see and feel with them own eyes the beauty of the Cosmos. The good news is there are many other ways to enjoy your passion! Getting some of these amazing Astronomy Gifts and Toys will definitely bring you closer to the Universe and make you love it even more! Here, we have selected the most astonishing and interesting astronomy related items for you, or for the one you like to surprise. Enjoy your reviewing and don’t forget to suggest something cool that you know and you can’t find it here. This is the way that we can make this store better and bring more astronomy lovers to higher vibes! Best price is guarantied by Amazon.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for an astronomy lover? Look no further, we got you covered. 

The space-themed products we have selected are ideal gifts. Our list includes Planetary and Solar System Models, Rockets and Spacecraft, Puzzles,Cups and Mugs , Astronomy Decoration , Rugs, Blankets, Bed Sets, Shower Curtains, Knifes, gadgets, toys, and decorative items suitable for both adults and children. Whether it’s for Christmas or their birthday, these astronomy gifts will make the recipient happy. In the end, these gifts are simply meant to be tokens of gratitude that will make them smile and make them think of you. Enjoy!

The selection includes:

Planetary and Solar System Models

Rockets and Spacecraft


Cups and Mugs


Astronomy Decoration 



Bed Sets

Shower Curtains 


12 Responses

  • Very nice. I wish I had some of these as a kid. Not only do you have some nice toys, but they are also very educational. This is something that I want to look into for my daughter when she gets older. I have always loved astronomy since I was a young child. I love how you have both UK toys and US as well.

    • Well, I wish to had them when I was a kid too. Now I have two nephews and all the time looking to get some of these here. They really love my presents!

      Thanks for the comment Yancey

  • These are some amazing toys and gifts ideas right here. I can find a few things which I could gift my family and friends and they would find it useful.
    These are some really cool recommendations, having a way to sort them would be even better, but since I have a family that like astronomy stuff, this site is perfect!

    • Hi there!

      Yeah, all things here are awesome. If you and your family enjoy Astronomy then you can have a look here for some good poster as well. There is even glowing ones at night! 


  • I really like these recommendations. The galaxy lollipops look really awesome. I wonder how they taste? Does each lollipop offer a unique Flavour?
    A lot of these products i wouldn’t mind to have myself. A shame i didn’t have them when I was a child. But who says I can’t have them now? 🙂

    • :))

      These lollipops are so so good! They goes many different flavors – Strawberry, Kiwi, Guava, Cherry, Grape, Melo, Cola – all very very tasty! Definitely you should try them 🙂 And yes, why not some other toy. For example, I love my 

      Space Sky USB Car Lighter !

      Cheers Theresa! Thanks to have you here 🙂



  • I don’t have any kids but I found it as a very interesting way to teach kids about space. U have a very good collection of toys, I wish I had some toys like this in my childhood. I think these are very fascinating for a child as well as will also increase the child’s interest in this field. These are some toys which if you have as a child, you will be famous in your group.

    • Totally agree with you Hari, especially with the National Geographic Astro Planetarium Multimedia 100% guaranty you will have lots of fans and visitors at you home! 

      Thanks for the comment!


  • Omg, I love this! Now  know just what to get my daughter for her birthday in a couple of months. She will love the Galaxy Lollipops too. Her favorite thing right now is looking at the stars and singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle’. Its the cutest thing! Anyways, thanks so much for taking the time to put together this guide. I really appreciate it because you’ve made my job super easy.



    • You are very welcome Marlinda! I’m sure your daughter will have lots of fun with the lollypops, and why not “the solar system night light” too!

  • Years ago I had a Saturn Five model where it sat on the tractor which moved in into launch position, complete with the rest of the gentry, but have never seen such a model listed! Can you help?

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