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Have you ever wanted to get piece of the Universe at Home? With all this stunning Space Lamps -Moon Lamp, Galaxy Lamp, Planetary Lamp, UFO Levitating Lamp and many more, you can bring your home closer to outer Space! So let’s start!


moon lamp

Take in the magical beauty of the moon every night with the Moon Lamp, made with an amazingly detailed 3-D lunar landscape that adds a unique and modern touch to your desk.

Perfect Gift: A perfect gift to anyone you care about, or just for yourself!

moon lamp

Give that special someone a present they’ll never forget, with the original Moon Lamp. It’s enough to transform even the dullest of nights into a stellar evening of magic – perfect for bedtime reading or a relaxing soak in the tub. Empower a friend or family member to hold the moon in their hands, equipped with every crater and dead lunar volcano. Seeing as the Moon Lamp is made using 100% safe and non-toxic materials, it’s the perfect gift for space-obsessed kids too!

Get closer to the Moon with this incredible lamp which has been developed using advanced 3D printing technology to produce an ultra realistic model of the moon. Perfect for introducing soft lighting on your bedside table or coffee table, or simply on a shelf as a decorative light. To take things to the next level, combine multiple moons in different sizes and transform your living area into something special.

With its touch functionality you can adjust the light color to suit your mood between 16 different colors. Let’s go to the moon!

High-Quality 3D Printing

We aren’t about mass manufacturing. Each Moon Lamp takes 26 hours to produce via 3D printing, and it comes out as one single piece. A sturdy design and build ensures a worthy investment.

Find more Moon Lamps HERE

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space lamps


This color-changing 3D Galaxy Lamp makes the perfect night light, reading light, mood light, and more! In top 3 best selling space lamps for 2021.

You will love how it perfectly illuminates your desk or bedside table with its spectacular starry galaxy design. It can change between an array of vibrant colors, making it perfect for any space, and any mood. It’s addictively fun to play with, and features a rechargeable battery for hours of wireless enjoyment. It also makes a great unique gift for any age.

Galaxy Lamp embodies the mystery of deep space! Over 16 different color tones give you complete control over your experience!
These 3D lamps are meticulously crafted by our world-class design team using only the highest quality NASA satellite images.

space lamps


  • Excellent lighting for reading, watching movies, storytelling, parties, and romantic evenings.
  • Perfect for: bedroom, child’s room, living room, bar, shop, cafe, restaurant, office, wedding, parties, studying, and more!
  • Impress your family, friends and coworkers with your awesome lamp.
  • Makes a cool & unique gift for all ages.
  • Perfect nightlight for children (and grown-ups).
  • USB Rechargeable + Extended Battery Life – Take it anywhere!
  • Includes beautiful wooden stand.
  • The BEST bedside lamp – For an incredible look, place one on each side of your bed!


  • 16 Colors, adjustable brightness, 3 different lighting modes
  • Material: 100% eco-friendly ABS
  • Charging Time: 2 hours with included USB charger
  • Working Time: Up to 10 hours battery life (or use while plugged in)

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space lamps

If you love space then this 5 star rated light is a must have!  Turn it on and transform your living space into your very own launchpad.  Choose from two visually stunning styles: Space Shuttle and Apollo.  Each style is truly amazing….you can’t go wrong!  The Rocket Space Lamp is the perfect light for any space enthusiast, aviation fanatic, or aspiring space explorer.  Are you even a true space lover without one?  Don’t get left on the ground, make sure you pick one up before this deal exits the earth’s atmosphere!

Let it will enlighten your desk and room as never before ! Any space lover, kid or adult, will enjoy this !

space lamps


  • One of a Kind design – 3D printed from eco friendly non toxic materials. The built-in LED light simulates unmatched realistic flames!
  • Multi-functional — A perfect decoration for your desk, bookshelves, bedroom, living spaces, etc. This warm glowing light is also the perfect night light for your kid’s room!
  • RechargeableLasts up to 10 hours on a single charge!
  • Perfect Gift –The PERFECT gift for anyone who loves rockets, space exploration, science, aerospace or NASA.   Buy one for yourself and live out your space exploration fantasies!
  • 5 Star ratings!  Everyone loves the Rocket Lamp!

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space lamps

The Levitating UFO Speaker Lamp offers you the home of the future, today. The LED Space lamp floats effortlessly above the base, emitting soft light and the music of your choice. It’s fully Bluetooth enabled with a range of 30 feet, so you can pair any of your smart devices and really set the mood.

This stylish lamp features a levitating UFO that also works as a Bluetooth speaker. The International UFO Congress has scoured the Earth and elsewhere to find anti-gravity technology. We have now found that technology and are sharing it with you in a form that rocks! Literally. The UFO itself is the speaker. It charges as it hovers over LED Space lamps that change color. The platform the UFO hovers above also has white LED lights underneath that shine down on the stylish modern lamp base.

A touch button on the platform allows you to turn the speaker on or off. Blue lights on the UFO blink while it is on. One light on the UFO’s underside stays on indicating whether the speaker is charged. A USB charging cable for the UFO is also included.

Deferent variants of light
space lamps

A touch button on the base of the lamp allows you to switch light modes. The base lights can be turned off, so only the multi-colored lights illuminating the UFO are on. The light changing UFO Space lamps can also be turned off, so only the bright white LEDs illuminating the lamp base are on. The third mode allows for all lights to be turned off. However, the UFO will still hover over the lamp as long as the lamp is plugged in.

This lamp is beautiful and fun! People will stare at the lamp endlessly trying to figure out how it works. Watching the UFO spinning endlessly as the lights change is mesmerizing.

Product Details

  • Measurements 9.5″L x 9.5″W x 14″H
  • Floating UFO Lamp
  •  Bluetooth Speaker With A Range Of 30 Feet
  •  Type Of Battery: lithium battery 900mah
  •  Plug Type: AC Adaptor (15V)
  •  Cord Length: 5 Feet

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Let Me Introduce You the World’s FIRST Levitating Moon Lamp!

space lamps

This captivating Levitating Moon is incredibly realistic – an out-of-this-world gift for yourself or a friend or family member. Just as the real moon hangs peacefully in space, supported by the unseen weightless force of gravity, your Levitating Moon offers the same consistency and dreamlike charm.

The Secret?

Creatively using the power of magnets, the invisible forces propel the Moon Lamp upwards and hold it several centimeters above its base giving the already unique product an even more magical quality.

Just as we look to the sky and marvel at the Moon as it is calmly hangs from nothing but space you will look to your Floating Moon Lamp in awe as if it was held by an equally mystical force.

Levitating moon is a floating planet light which will light up in the middle of the air. Unlike all other wireless charging devices, Levitating moon can be charged while floating, no contact is needed.

Space Lamps


  • Moon diameter: 15cm (6in)
  • Base size: 13.5×2.3cm (5.3×0.9in)
  • Base: Wooden or UFO LED
  • Material: 100% eco-friendly PLA from USA
  • LED Color: 16 Colors
  • Brightness: 0.1w – 1.5w (adjustable)
  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh built-in battery
  • Plug type: US/UK/AU/EU
  • Voltage: 100-240V


  • Impress your family, friends and coworkers with your awesome lamp.
  • Makes a cool & unique gift for all ages.

You will love how it perfectly illuminates your desk or bedside table with its spectacular starry galaxy design.

  • Glows in 16 different colors
  • Remote and touch control, Rechargeable battery 

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 Bring the Solar System into Your Home with These Planet Lamps

space lamps

I’m sure you love the Solar System as we do, and we are also sure you have a favorite Planet! Now you can have it in your Home! Isn’t this amazing? No matter is it the Great Jupiter, the Magnificent Saturn whit its Rings, the Red neighbor Mars or our Own Home – The Earth! All these 3-D printed Space lamps are just gorgeous and they will enlighten your room or your desk  as never before. Excellent lighting for reading, watching movies, storytelling, parties, and romantic evenings. 

  • Perfect for: bedroom, child’s room, living room, bar, shop, cafe, restaurant, office, wedding, parties, studying, and more!
  • Impress your family, friends and coworkers with your awesome lamp.
  • Makes a cool & unique gift for all ages.
SEGOAL Moon Lamp Night Light, 16 Colors LED 5.9 Inch 3D Earth Lamp with...
  • 【3D Printing, Safe for Kids】 The new design and simulation of the earth. There are land, sea, and white clouds. Make sure every earth lamp has continental plate, but not all plates. The lamp is made from DURABLE&SUPERIOR PVC, the best material for 3D printing. After a high altitude test, dropping within a height of 6.5 feet will not cause damage to the moon lamp.
  • 【Touch Button and Remote Control 】 Touch button and remote control can be used to change the color atmosphere of moonlight lamp. 16 different RGB colors and four modes can be conducted through the remote control, whenever you want to be comfortable, romantic, quiet or gorgeous,It can build an incredible atmosphere.
  • 【USB Charging】 The earth lamp is equipped with a USB charging cable, which can be used for car chargers, mobile power and computer charging, anytime, anywhere you need. SEGOAL upgraded product battery with 500mAh which can be lasted for 15 hours in the mode of soft blue light.
  • 【The Comfortable Brightness】 SEGOAL LED lamp builds a flicker-free comfortable light, the moon-light is suitable for the room, courtyard, home party, coffee shop, etc. No matter your kids, wife, sister or girlfriend, our moon lights will make their bedroom full of vitality!
  • 【100% Safety Policy】 If you have any quality problem after receiving the product or if you find that the USB cable or remote control is not working or damaged, please contact us and we will send a new one as a replacement. Thank you for your support!
TOURACE Solar System Projector, Star Night Light for Kids, Planet Toys,...
  • Multifunctional--The new style cosmos night lights, perfectly combine the projector lamps and the nightlight. It can project on the ceiling and wall. The best decorations for your room. Make your room fill with stars like in the space. Also can be used at home and outside in tent. Make a starry sky.
  • Best gifts for your baby, boys and girls.As a cool gift for child, your lover,girl friend, your family. For the one you love! Also can be toys for your children. But not just a toy!
  • Provides a colorful and beautiful night for your sweetheart. Decor in your bedrooms. Inspire more than 1 year old toddlers curiosity. Also for teenagers learning solar system in their bed. It projects planet on the wall.
  • Take off the lamp shade becomes a projection lamp. It comes with 6 kinds of transparencies: Magic color universe, Ocean sea World,Star sky, Moon, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas.Better than the moon light. There are planets in the cosmos, turtle and fish in the sea! They will be projected on the ceiling.
  • 【Brightness】Brightness adjustable: 100% 50% 5%. For sleeping and night work as nightlights【Function】Three colors light white yellow and blue,Automatic rotating. It makes wave when spinning very slowly, take off the ball shade lid and long press button B, don't release the button B until you can see it rotate.
Saturn Lamp 16 Colors Galaxy Planet Lamp with Stand 5.9 inch LED 3D Printed...
  • Safe and Reliable: We have passed MSDS UN38.3 certification. Food-grade 3D printing raw materials, extracted from straw, are healthy, non-toxic and harmless. Built-in USB charging and energy saving LED lights. Soft LED light won't flicker or hurt eyes. 100% safe. Even babies can use it.
  • Touch & Remote Control: Choose between 16 dimmable colors, 5 working modes and 5 brightness levels. Whether you want comfort, creativity, serenity or psychedelics, our Galaxy LED lights create the ambience. Just dim according to your needs and enjoy!
  • Magic Planet Light: Create a 3D effect on the lunar surface based on astronomical data from NASA satellites. The painting process makes the ball colorful. The hollow shell with built-in LED lights makes you feel like you are in the splendid Milky Way when you turn on the lights. It takes on a magical and colorful palette with changing colors and viewing angles. We took some photos from a few different angles for your reference.
  • Perfect Night Light: This is a really cool and really good alternative to a night light that creates a calming and soothing vibe to help kids fall asleep. Unlike other night lights, it's built-in 500mAh rechargeable battery doesn't need to be plugged in to light up, and it allows for a variety of games and imaginative ideas to be improvised with a glowing ball that changes color. The perfect night light for kids and adults.
  • Best Gift for Kids/Adults: This is the perfect gift for Moon Planet Lamp lovers. The moon is a symbol of romance, which makes this cool lamp a great gift for loved ones and romantic partners. It is also a unique birthday present or a Christmas gift for kids, girls and boys. We offer a 12-month warranty and friendly customer service, so buy with confidence.
JBHOO Jupiter Night Light, 16 Color LED Planet Lamp with Remote Control,...
  • 🌜Delicate Jupiter Lamp🌛 3D printing of novelty Jupiter shape, in the darkness of night, this cool ambience lighting will work as a glittering planet in boundless universe, easily add fun to the room space decor, perfect gift for kids, girls, boys, babies.
  • ⭐16 Colors and 4 Twinkle Modes⭐ 16 soft colors and 4 pre-set dynamic modes, not dazzling, serve varied demands of decor effect, helps to create the ambience for party, engagement, reading. Let kids feel safe at night and have a good night sleep.
  • ⭐7 Brightness Dimmable⭐ High brightness and vibrant color decorate the room in exquisite taste. Low lighting makes the room cozier for entertainment. For this model, you can dim the light with remote control smoothly, and the brightness memory function will remember the last setting.
  • ⭐Touch and Remote Control⭐ Dual control of this cute night light helps you choose the way you like to control it. You can easily turn on/off the lamp and change the color by touching the metal charging port at the bottom or remote control.
  • ⭐8 Hours Battery Life⭐ Built with 500mAh polymer-lithium battery, 3 hours charging supports up to 8 hours of lighting, no frequent charging required. 5V USB charging cord is easily plugged into power bank, outlet, wall charger, wall plug.
Planet Lamp 16 Color 5.9 Inch 3D Mars Lamp with Stand & Hanging USB...
  • 🌞Delicate Mars Lamp🌞 3D printing of novelty Mars shape, in the darkness of night, this cool moon lamp will work as a glittering star in boundless universe, easily add fun to the room decor, perfect gift for kids, girls, baby.
  • 🌞16 Colors and 4 Modes🌞 16 soft color switchable of the light and 4 pre-set modes, serve varied demands of decor effect, create the best ambience for party, engagement, reading, and give children a sense of safety and wonder at night.
  • 🌞7 Brightness Dimmable🌞 High brightness and vibrant color decorate the room in exquisite taste. Low lighting makes the room cozier for rest. For this model, you can dim the light with 7 brightness levels smoothly, and the brightness memory function will remember last setting.
  • 🌞Touch and Remote Control🌞 Dual control of this cute lamp helps you choose the best way to control it. You can easily turn on/off the lamp and change the color by touching the metal charging port at the bottom or remote control.
  • 🌞8 Hours Battery Life🌞 Built with 500mAh polymer-lithium battery, 3 hours charging supports up to 8 hours of lighting, no frequent charging required. 5V USB charging cord is easily plugged into power bank, outlet, wall charger.


USA Toyz Illuminated Globe of the World with Stand - 3in1 World Globes,...
  • MULTIPURPOSE ILLUMINATED WORLD GLOBE FOR KIDS: This educational kids globe features detailed, easy-to-read Earth geography details and a light up LED globe constellations that doubles as a plug-in nightlight or desk lamp
  • EDUCATIONAL LIGHT UP GLOBE: Make Science learning time fun! Use the bonus interactive globe app and an illustrated constellation booklet to learn more about the stars, continents, countries, capitals, Earth’s natural wonders, and more
  • TIP-RESISTANT STAND WITH 360° ROTATION: Discover 88 constellations, stars, and navigational lines in the dark; this world globe features a stable and durable chromed steel globe stand and makes a great desk lamp or room decor for kids
  • LED GLOBE SPECS: Our plug in globe of the world measures 13.5” tall (base to top) and 9” in diameter; includes a replaceable LED globe light bulb and a power cord
  • PERFECT FOR KIDS AND ADULTS: Illuminated globe works as a desk globe decor or smart globe light for any room at home or in the office, constellation lamp, or nightlight for kids and adults; We’ll provide a full refund if you’re not totally satisfied with this LED globe light
3D Crystal Ball with Solar System model and LED lamp Base, Clear 80mm (3.15...
  • Special 3D design, the solar system crystal ball will add a touch of elegance to any room, ideal decoration for your bedroom, living room and office to show an elegant lifestyle
  • Lighting base with seven colors, making the solar system crystal ball more beautiful and magical in darkness
  • 8 planets of the solar system inside( not including Pluto)
  • Diameter of crystal ball: 80mm(3.15inch), it means you can hold the solar system in your hand
  • Prefect gift for kids, astronomer, lover of the Universe, teacher of physics, boyfriend, classmates and kids
Zulux Galaxy Crystal Ball - Galaxy Balls for Kids with LED Lamp Base, Clear...
  • This galaxy glass ball is made of premium crystal material,completely transparent and no bubbles,best decoration for any place,show an artistic and elegant style to your bedroom,living room and office
  • Galaxy in glass Comes together with a crystal LED lighting Base(button cells included),emits uninterrupted bright light with multicolor changing alternately,makes this galaxy ornament to be a magical and pocket edition galaxy in the room
  • Use advanced 3D Inner carving and flame extraction technology,present a realistic and solid vast universe inside the glass galaxy
  • This space glass galaxy is designed with handheld size 3 inch diameter,you can hold it easily in your hand,or take it away anywhere in your handbag
  • A perfect glass ball ornaments,boyfriend gifts,kids gifts,technology gifts and boys birthday gifts.An ideal kids' glass paperweights and art glass ornaments
HYODREAM Solar System 3D Optical Illusion Side Table Lamp Universe Space...
  • 【Creative 3D Visual Effect】 The night lights are made with 3d technology to create a actual optical gorgeous3d illusion with NASA image, which is novelty and charming. It's bound to amaze and impress your kids and guests. It is a unique birthday, Christmas or Easter gifts for kid or friends.
  • 【Remote Control & Smart Touch】 The 3d night light comes with remote control and touch control to adjust the 7 or 16 different colors as you like. With the remote control, the Solar system night light can be fixed in static or gradient color to decorate children's room, living room, bedroom, office, etc.
  • 【Dual Power Mode】This Solar System night light for kids can be powered by 3-AA batteries(not included) or 5V USB cable connected to PC or your home adaptor(not included), which is very easy and convenient. It is a great creative decorative lights for children bedroom, living room, dinning room and outdoor decoration.
  • 【Eco-friendly & Safety】The 3d toy Solar system lamp for kids is made from Safe approved eco-friendly material, safe and harmless to the human body. The night light comes with soft, uniform, non-flicker light, making it safe to your kids, bringing them a nice sleep. It is a very human and practical kids night lights for bedroom.
  • 【Both night light & General knowledge】This is an amazing night light for children to explore universe\galaxy\solar system\space knowledge. Kids would sleep in the dream of space travel every night. Children who are interested in space science must like it very much.
HYODREAM 2 Gen Unicorn Night Light Unicorn Lamp for Kids Room Decor, Entity...
  • 【Exquisite Night Ligh】 This dual unicorn night light has been upgraded the lamp base. The unique unicorn pattern can be changed 14colors, and the base emits warm white light separately. It is a great camping light / atmosphere light / desk light.
  • 【Advanced & Humanized Design】This new generation dragon light was new designed. Variety of industrial design techniques was used to make the base beautiful and practical. Warm white LED and RGB LED could be controlled separately. Variety options create a good sleep environment or use it as dragon toy.
  • 【Entity key & Remote Control】This dragon lamp use physical keys, which is more easy use than touch sensor switch. Without opening your sleeping eyes and just reach the different tactile textures on the key, you can judge the function, turn on / off the power, select the color, adjust the brightness, set the timing, and select the base lamp or the pattern lamp. It doesn't affect your sleep.
  • 【Power Supply Modes】The dragon gifts has built-in battery case, which is loaded with 3AA battery (not included), supply power for 24-72h. Charging circuit and devices was designed on the mainboard. Recommend insert 3 rechargeable AA batteries. External 5V DC power could supply the lamp lighting up and charge the battery at the same time, it can be used without insert battery.
  • 【Advanced, Beautiful, Multifunction and Easy Used 】This dragon toys light integrates many merit. The appearance is advanced and friendly usage, children, adults, elders, men or women, it is very practical. It is a great gift for family and friends.
Planet Neon Signs Planet Neon Light Led Sign, Battery or USB Operated...
  • [LED + SILICON STRIPS + ABS] LED planet neon blue light is low-voltage and energy-saving, lighting up neon decoration room, you don’t have to worry about high temperature, no danger, no risk of glass breakage or leakage of dangerous materials
  • [Battery and USB power supply] 3 AA batteries (not included) or USB operation. It can be connected to a power bank or computer. Very convenient .
  • Easy operation] Our neon led lights are easy to install. The neon sign has a hole behind the light, you can not only hang it on the wall, but also put it on the table, whatever you want.
  • [Perfect gift and home decoration] LED planet neon lights can be used as Christmas gifts for birthdays, Valentine's Day, family, lovers, girlfriends, girls, children, etc.; neon lights and neon lights are widely used in weddings, bachelor parties, bridal parties, birthday parties
  • [Service and Guarantee] We provide 24-hour customer support, if you are not satisfied, you can contact us by email, we will provide you with the best products and services

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