Affiliate Links

Some of the links on this website are what is known as affiliate links.

These links will take you to a product or service (such as a telescope or piece of astronomy related item) which you are then able to buy.

If you buy the product after following a click on one of these affiliate links, I Love The Universe receives a commission. This is often very small percentage of the purchase price.

Affiliate commissions have no impact on the price you pay for the product or service, i.e. the cost to you as a buyer is the same whether or not you use an affiliate link.

We use these commissions to fund the costs of running this site, including the cost of writers, images, marketing, hosting, etc.

None of our product reviews are sponsored, which means we do not get paid to write a review, nor do we charge a fee to any company for a more favorable review.

This is important because it means our reviews are independent and unbiased – they only reflect the opinion of the reviewer.

If you have any questions about affiliate links, reach out to

Finally, if you do buy anything as a result of clicking on an affiliate link, we would like to extend a massive thanks to you for helping to keep this website online and independent. You can find other ways to support our page Here