Of all the natural sights revealed front of our eyes, the most magnificent is the that of the starry night sky – an endless space filled with other worlds. Every star – even the weak ones, blinking in the dark sky – is a huge sphere of fire , often much bigger and brighter than our Sun. But the stars are far away from us, so that’s why they shine so lightly.

What are other worlds? How far are they from us? How were the stars created?  From what they are made and what will happen when they die? These questions correspond to Astronomy – a science of the Universe. Scientists have been able to determine the distances to the stars, they have learned a lot about the Sun and the other object in the Solar System, them chemical composition, predicting future eclipses of the Moon and the Sun, predicting the emergence of comets. But it’s been several centuries to make it possible and the most helpful tool, of course, was the Telescope.

The telescope was invented in the early 15th century and was first used for astronomical purposes by Galileo Galilei. Thanks to his invention, Galileo discovered that Saturn has rings and around Jupiter gravitate 4 satellites (Galilean moons – Io, Europa, Callisto and Ganymede). Today, the technology is develop them to a wide variety of types, models  which  far outperform  Galiei’s telescope.

galileoIf you like Astronomy and often look to the night sky, then you should have one. This device will be your favorite toy because will make your hobby to become much more real. Astronomy is something that mostly resides in the mind and imagination, books and documentaries. But when you stand under the sky with a telescope and look through the eyepiece, your hobby will becomes alive. With your own eyes you will see the huge craters on the Moon, the violent storms of Jupiter, uniquely beautiful Saturn with its rings,  the red Mars. Will look beyond the Solar System and will be able to see  the Orion Nebula, blue Pleiades, even entire Galaxies! There is so much to see that every night you can enjoy something different and so for your entire life.

Before you make a purchase is good to know a little more about these devices. So you can decide which of all is the right one for you. Here we have explained the most important things you need to know about the telescope and reviewed some of the best ones in the market today.

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  • I’ve always wanted a telescope, but for whatever reason have never purchased one. I’d like to get one but before I do, I have a question. With all of the light pollution and pollution in general, how visible will everything be? I can’t imagine being able to see a whole lot more than the moon where I’m at. Unfortunately living in a populated area you don’t get as nice of a view.

    • Hi Daniel,

      You shouldn’t be worried about the light pollution so much as beside the Moon, you will be able to observe Jupiter and Saturn as well, and also Venus and Mars. Of course, if you want to see some object in deep space like Galaxy or some Nebulae, there is very good light pollution filters that you can use, and they definitely will help you a lot. So don’t wait more time, just take one telescope and you will be amazed what is out there!

      Thanks for the comment.

  • I usually use the telescopes to look at the stars and the moon with my brother and it is always a fun experience. I would look at these recommendations as a way to bond with my brother over the weekend.
    There is a whole bunch of information here and I’m definitely going to read all of them. Thanks.

    • Hi Shrey,

      With Telescope is always fun. I love to have friends in my back yard and the moment I start assembling it is the moment the vibrations gets hi automatically! Everybody loves the Universe! Enjoy the info here and thanks for the comment 😉

  • HI ignat,

    I originate from the desert where stars and the moon can be seen like nowhere else. i assume, you have had the opportunity of enjoying similar sights where no light pollution exists. I have no background whatsoever in astronomy, so my question to to you is, what could i do in terms of getting acquainted with, stars, constellations and so on, and what telescope would you recommend for a complete beginner like me (also affordable 🙂 ) ? Many thanks,

    • Hi there,

      Very happy that you have a good spot for stargazing! I can say the same as you – well I don’t live in the desert, but in a small village far away from the city. 

      About the question you have asked me: It’s always good with gathering some information first. Depends on you – could  be form Books, documentaries of even articles about the Stars, Planets and Space. Once you have some knowledge everything will follow by itself. The moment you will get your first telescope will be very close! Here, I have all information you have to know about it.

      Thanks for the comment! See you soon.

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