10 Interesting Facts About Mars


You already have seen many landscapes of Mars, you know that there is water and probably traces of life, and you have read about the plans of Elon Musk to visit the Red Planet. But how much do you actually know about our space neighbor?

Although there are still many mysteries to solve, scientists already know a lot about Mars. Lets have a look at this 10 interesting facts about Mars that you probably did not know earlier.

1. Like Earth, Mars has ice caps on its poles. The northern cap is deep up to 3.2 kilometers and extends over an area slightly larger than the US state of Texas.

2. The Olympus Volcano, the highest mountain in the Solar System, is more than twice as high as Mount Everest. According to one measurement his height is 22 kilometers.

10 Interesting Facts About Mars3. The surface of Mars has almost the same area as the Earth’s land – without putting into account those 71 percent of our Planet that are covered with water.

4. Once Mars also had oceans, but if we compare them with ours, it will give only 1.5 percent of the water on Earth.

5. In the oceans of Mars, a huge tsunami waves had formed, just like on our Planet. The highest ones were probably about 400 feet, almost as much as the London Eye.

6. The average surface temperature of Mars is -63 ° C. Nearly 80 degrees lower than Earth’s.

7. The atmosphere of Mars is about 61 times thinner than the Earth’s, and is composed almost entirely of carbon dioxide, which constitutes only 0.04% in our atmosphere.

8. Getting to Mars is difficult. About one third of the missions, that have been launched so far, have failed.

10 Interesting Facts About Mars9. Missions to Mars are now much rarer – from 23 missions in the 1960s and 1970s, only 10 were launched in the new millennium.

10. Mars is farther from the Sun than Earth is, and therefore takes considerably longer to complete one orbit: A Red Planet year lasts about 687 Earth day. We recently celebrated the Martian New Year. It was on March 23, 2019 and the next is in a few days: February 7, 2021 

Do you know some other interesting fact about the Red Planet? Write it in the comment section bellow 🙂


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