An Interactive Map Shows Exactly Where NASA’s Rover Perseverance Is

NASA’s Perseverance rover landed confidently in the Red Planet Jezero Crater on February 18. The heir to Curiosity will look for traces of past life in the sedimentary layers of the water that was 3.5 billion years ago in this crater.

If you are wondering exactly where this Jezero crater on Mars is and where the rover landed in this 45-kilometer crater, the Interactive Map below gives you the answers to these questions.

Landing sites on Mars, including Perseverance. This map of Mars shows the landing site of NASA’s Perseverance rover compared to previous successful missions to Mars. Credit:NASA / JPL-Caltech

In addition, the descent of Perseverance, while still hanging from the parachute, was filmed from space by the Mars MRO orbiter. Below is a tweet with the photo at this stage.

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