Astronomers Discovered Cosmic ‘Superhighways’ for Fast Travel Through the Solar System (Video)

Invisible structures generated by gravitational interactions in the Solar System have created a network of “space superhighways,” astronomers have discovered. These channels allow fast travel of objects in space and can be used for the purpose of human space exploration and research of comets and asteroids.

Applying analyzes to both observations and simulation data, a team of researchers led by Nataša Todorović of the Belgrade Astronomical Observatory in Serbia noticed that these superhighways consisted of a series of connected arches in these invisible structures called cosmic collectors – and each planet generates its own collectors, creating together what researchers call “a true celestial autobahn.”

Astronomers Discovered Cosmic ‘Superhighways’ for Fast Travel Through the Solar System (Video)
This is a map of the superhighway structures surrounding Jupiter – concentrated on highly chaotic structure within the arches

This network can transport objects from Jupiter to Neptune in a matter of decades, rather than much longer periods of the order of hundreds of thousands to millions of years, which are usually calculated for the solar system.

Finding hidden structures in space is not always easy, but looking at the way things are moving can provide useful clues – especially comets and asteroids.

Scientists say they have analyzed data from “millions of orbits in the solar system” to find their interaction. The benefits of such an analysis will be not only for the possible acceleration of space travel. Studying these processes can also help move and even control comets and asteroids that could be dangerous to Earth.

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  • Surely Gravity and the existence of dark matter , will effect photons , not so much in the solar system, but definitely in interstellar travel if near a mass gravity object . Such has a Neutron star, or a black hole, do we not see this in gravity lensing ? .

    • Neutron start or a single black hole doesn’t matter. Mass of those objects is always lower than when those objects were “regular” stars.

      Ofc when talking about suppemassive blackholes than you can observe this lensing, but it is basically generated by all the stuff that orbits arround them or rahter combined mass of the whole sysstem of stars. galaxies etc..

      We know that galaxies contain much more mass than is vissible, this “darkmatter” adds to the whole mass of such systems. So yes obviously we can messure and estimate relative ratio of vissible stuff to unvisible stuff.

      So yes gravitational lensing is known phenomenon. You can observe many picture from Hubble that shows such lensing. Photons are indeed affected by gravity.

      You can make your own experiment here on earth. Find yourself a neerest datum for total sollar eclips go to the spot where it will ocure. Take a telescope with you, and messure how the light from the start behind the sun was bended on its way to your retina. sudenly you will be able to se behind the sun.

  • So Stargate may be a good series relating to space travel but Time Tunnel is really over the top in reality applications.

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