Astrophotographer made an Impossible View of the Moon

The Moon has always fascinated the man. This mysterious gigantic rock orbiting the Earth has had an eternal presence in all facets of human culture for thousands of years.

The Moon is a perfect example of the delicate balance found everywhere in nature. One photographer has recently created the clearest picture of its craters by combining numerous shots of the lunar line where light meets dark.

Astrophotographer made an Impossible View of the MoonTo reveal the surface of the moon in detail, lunar enthusiast Andrew McCarthy stacked thousands of pictures together over lunar phases. Californian-based astrophotographer took two weeks’ worth of frames of the waxing moon, since the part of the illuminated surface seen from Earth increases.

To get clarity and contrast, he took the photos at the ‘lunar terminator’ – the line between the light and dark sides of the moon, every night for two weeks.

He then combined the series of high-contrast, high-definition photos of every crater on the moon’s Earth-facing side into a spectacular composite, showing countless craters, dimples and imperfections on it.

Therefore, the composite can’t be considered a true photograph of the moon, but it is definitely one of the clearest views of its surface.Mr. McCarthy posted it on Instagram account,@cosmic_background, with the title ‘All Terminator’, and described it as a ‘beast of a project’.

Astrophotographer made an Impossible View of the Moon



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