How Long Could You Survive In Other Planets of Solar System ?

Earth is a beautiful place. You will surely start appreciate a lot more when you find out how long you will
survive through other places of the Solar System. Without any protection, of course!

And let me give you a clue: There is no place in the Solar System other than Earth, which you can survive longer than two minutes.

Let’s start from the Sun. Will evaporate instantly. “Although I’ve heard that if you visit at night …” joked Niyl Degras Tyson …. LOL ( Check the Video bellow )

Mercury – no more than two minutes as long as you hold your breath and gravitate between one half of the planet which is extremely hot and the other – which is ice-cold.

Venus – the average temperature of the Planet, according to NASA, is 464 degrees Celsius. This is hotter than an pizza oven, commented Mr. Tyson. The good news is that the gravity there is similar to that of Earth, so you will feel like in the right place.

Earth – no need to hold your breath. You can spend about 80 years.

Mars – the Red Planet is quite cold, but the air is quite diluted. Therefore, the cold will not be as nipping, if the Еarth reach such temperature (there degrees ranging from 20 to -153 C). But Tyson says that if you put yourself in a well insulated clothing and hold your breath, we can safely walk.

Jupiter – have nowhere to land. Will soar forever in its atmosphere. Or at least until the pressure of the gas giant crushed you within 1 second.

Saturn – like Jupiter.

Uranus and Neptune? No, forget it. A maximum of one second. You’d better stay on Earth and watch them saved and sound with your Telescope. Don’t have yet? Check Here

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2 thoughts on “How Long Could You Survive In Other Planets of Solar System ?

  1. Lots of cool information. I have always been an astronomy buff. Thanks.

    1. Happy to see one more Uneverse lover here. Thanks for the comment 😉

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