How Far We Can Go into Space?


When we speak for studying of the vast space, how far we can go into Space? – asks Science Alert?

Is there a limit to our ability for going beyond Earth?

As explained by this video channel Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, our Planet is located in one corner of the Milky Way – a ordinary galaxy full of stars, planets and a huge black hole in its center. The nearest neighboring galaxy is Andromeda and with it another 50 other galaxies, the Milky Way belongs to a local group with a diameter of about 10 million light years.

how many miles is space from earth
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Knowing where we are in space, let us suppose that in the future our technology for space exploration will develop significantly. So how far from Earth will be able to move away?

Well, is not much.

Actually, most likely to limited to that local group. What stops us is the space itself. That local group occupies only 0.00000000001% of the visible universe. This is one billionth of a percent in other words, the scope of mankind is doomed to be minimal. But Do not hurry to despair because we have not yet explored even the near cosmic bodies in our own solar system. So the solar system and our galaxy and the local cluster of galaxies surely hiding a lot more exciting secrets.


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  • It’s quite amazing how tiny we are compared to the universe. The universe is mostly unknown to us and we’ve only scratched the surface. It’s exciting to see how far technology advances so we can explore more of the universe. I wonder if we’ll ever get to the point where we’ll be exploring other galaxies like the famous Star Trek shows. Probably won’t happen in my lifetime but it’s really exciting to think of the possibilities.
    Thanks for this post! Gets me thinking.

    • Thanks for the comment Andy, yes – the Universe is mostly unknown to us, but this is why is so attractive 🙂 Keeping many secrets. As part of it, I think we should’t rely only on technology for going out there. I believe is our consciousness that stopping us travelling to distant Galaxies. But evolution has only one direction , so we are bound to reach that moment 🙂

  • It is absolutely amazing to think about how large our galaxy really is. Some people say it makes them feel insignificant, but I just think of all the possibilities that are out there. I really enjoyed the video. Great post!

    • Thank you Pete. Yes, most of all we know is associated with life on Earth, and the Planet is just а little piece of dust in Space. The Universe really hides many possibilities and things that we have never think about.

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