How much water do we need to “extinguish” the Sun?

Have you ever wondered how much water would extinguish our bright star? Probably your first guess would be – a lot! Extremely large amount. Billions of liters. Maybe twice as much. No, three times as much. That should work, doesn’t it?

Those of you who are not close friends with chemistry will probably be surprised by the fact that although the Sun looks as if it is burning, it is not the same fire as in the fireplace.

In fact, this is not fire at all.

The heat and light of the Sun are actually a by-product of a nuclear reaction, not combustion. If you add water to our star, you will simply increase this reaction (hydrogen will act as fuel). Thus the Sun will begin to shine even brighter. That’s not our goal, is it?

Watch this video below, created by Universe Today, and you will find out how you could destroy the Sun, if you have such intentions.

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