NASA Spotted a Large Spherical Object on the Red Planet

Strange new images of Mars suggest that aliens could be building towers on the planet’s surface

Since the 1970s, scientists and enthusiasts

have discovered a variety of objects on the surface of Mars. Giovanni Schiaparelli, an Italian astronomer, announced the discovery of artificially formed channels on the surface of Mars in 1877.

Other astronomers later confirmed his words. Schiaparelli was convinced that conscious life existed on Mars.

A long time has passed since then, and it has become clear that life on Mars has yet to be discovered.

The possibility of past life on Mars

cannot be ruled out completely. Scientists and enthusiasts examine satellite images and maps of the planet, occasionally discovering unusual objects that may have an artificial origin.

A NASA satellite recently photographed a large spherical object on the planet’s surface that casts a long shadow. They are missing rocks or stones throughout the site, and their correct geometric shape astonishes and leads to the natural assumption that they are the work of aliens.

The intriguing aspect of this case is that a similar sphere was discovered on one of Mars’ moons, Phobos. It is known to scientists and is dubbed “Monolith” after the film “Space Odyssey 2001.”

The newly discovered sphere

is one of dozens, if not hundreds, of similar objects. For example, in January, three towers at equal distances from each other were discovered, and the main arguments in favor of their artificial origin are their geometric correctness, sharp outlines, and obelisk shape.

NASA Spotted a Large Spherical Object on the Red Planet
Apparently, these structures even mimic the constellation of Orion.
NASA Spotted a Large Spherical Object on the Red Planet
The three mysterious towers discovered on the Martian surface is been represented using Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

The sphere and the towers could have nothing to do with extraterrestrial civilization. It is also unacceptable to claim that aliens have nothing in common with them. Especially when you consider the various factors that point to the possible construction of mysterious structures by an unknown civilization.

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NASA Spotted a Large Spherical Object on the Red Planet

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