Russian Cosmonaut Captures Bright Comet from ISS (PHOTOS)

Russian cosmonaut Ivan Vagner, who is part of the ISS crew, managed to capture comet C / 2020 F3 / NEOWISE /, Russian News Agency TASS reported. The photo was posted on Wagner’s Twitter page.

“The photo shows the brightest comet in 7 years – C / 2020 F3 / NEOWISE /”, with the accompanying text to the image. The astronaut also notes that silver mesospheric clouds are also present in the photograph. On the next orbit of the ISS around Earth, Vagner was able to capture the comet even closer.

In the coming days, the comet will be able to be observed from Earth in the pre-morning sky low above the northeastern horizon around the constellation Auriga. The celestial body was discovered in the spring of 2020 using the NEOWISE infrared telescope.

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