Fly Over the Crater of Mars with This Amazing Video

A new impressive video created by the European Space Agency takes us directly over the a crater on Mars – Korolev. It is generated from photographs taken by the HIRSC instrument aboard the Mars Express, as well as with the help of topographic information. The end result is a 3D landscape of the crater.

The illusion of flying over this crater on Mars has been achieved, and the crater is full of frozen water. It is about 80 kilometers in diameter and is located in the northern hemisphere of the Red Planet.


In terms of volume, Lake Martian is similar to the seventh largest lake on Earth – the Great Bear Lake in northern Canada, whose water volume is about 2236 km3.

In addition to taking magical pictures of Mars, the Mars Express satellite collects information about the amount of water ice on the Red Planet.

The Korolev Crater is named after the father of the Soviet Space Program, Sergei Korolev. The diameter of the formation is 81.4 kilometers and the thickness of the water ice is about 2 kilometers. According to recent research, the ice sheet of the crater formed with the crater itself, and it was not filled with water from the existing 2 billion years ago oceans of the Red Planet.

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