See What NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover Sees in Absolutely Stunning 4K

The rover just barely moved from its landing site, but it’s sending a steady stream of visual data that is freely available to anyone to play with.

Mars rover 2020 Perseverance landed in Crater Lake on the Red Planet less than three weeks ago, but the advanced robot has already sent back some of the most memorable images in history.

The rover’s cameras and the descent module that transported Perseverance through the atmosphere of Mars documented the last few minutes of the long journey from Earth in a remarkable and spectacular way. With the dramatic landing out of the way, begins the far more chill, but no less intriguing task of exploring the surface.

British filmmaker Sean Doran captured some of the first pictures of Perseverance at Jezero Crater and made “This is Mars”, a short film that is one of the most fascinating 30-minute pans you will ever see.

Doran took a series of photos of Perseverance’s mast-mounted camera system (Mastcam-Z), taken on the rover’s fifth Martian day, polished them, stitched them together, and incorporated them to music. The results are, well, otherworldly.

The extended panorama is meditative for watching and reminiscent of certain volcanic or desert landscapes on Earth. It’s easy to see why Mars analogs are in places like Utah and Hawaii.

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