Telescope at the South Pole Will Study the Early Universe

Telescope at the South Pole Will Study the Early Universe

The renewed telescope at the South Pole can now be used to study the early Universe. The device now has a new camera that will analyze cosmic radiation and microwaves with great precision, reported the online edition Engadget.

The telescope has 16 000 detectors, which is 10 times more than the previous similar experiment. This will allow to detect the smallest changes in temperature when the detector is illuminated by  light.

Herby, the device will be able to detect even the weakest residues of ancient microwaves that scientists believe abound in the Universe. Their detection, however, was very difficult with the existing equipment. The updated technology must solve this problem and allow scientists to understand even more about the early years of the Universe.

Telescope at the South Pole Will Study the Early UniverseThe telescope has another advantage – its position. It is located over 3200 meters above sea level and the weather conditions are very dry in the area. In this way there are just a few obstacles for the telescope and the new study, that will last for several years.

The results have the potential to answer many important questions. These include additional information about dark matter and gravitational waves and neutrino particles. In addition, some of the earliest galaxies and stars can be found through the experiment.

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