An Inside Look at the Progress That’s Being Made on the Mars 2020 Rover (Video)

NASA’s Mars 2020 rover is expected to launch sometime next year, so you’d be right to assume that NASA is making strides in manufacturing its next-generation rover and its accompanying landing gear in preparation for the big day.

In this video, NASA’s Jennifer Trosper gives us an inside look at the progress that’s being made on the Mars 2020 rover. While the rover doesn’t look like much as of right now, Trosper says it’ll be completed sometime in the next several months.

Other critical components, such as the cruise stage, the descent stage, the air shell, and the heat shield, are also being worked on. Each of which is vital for safely delivering the Mars 2020 rover to its destination on the red planet’s surface.

NASA’s Opportunity mission officially came to an end last month, which means Mars 2020 will soon join NASA’s Curiosity rover. There, it will explore Mars’ history, habitability, and terrain in exciting new ways that are certain to modernize our understanding of our planetary neighbor.

With everything coming together so quickly, it’s just a matter of time before we get to see this exploring machine embark on its primary purpose.

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