Astrophotographer Snaps Incredible Photo Of Astronauts On A Spacewalk From Earth

The photos of objects in space that you can get these days with a high-quality telescope are incredible. Take, for example, German astrophotographer Sebastian Voltmer’s photo of the International Space Station, in which two astronauts can be seen clambering on the station’s exterior during a spacewalk last week.

“I feel like I just made a once in a life time image,” Voltmer wrote of the image. “It’s probably the first ground based picture showing two spacewalkers on the ISS at the same time.”

Here’s the shot:

The incredible image shows NASA astronaut Raja Chari and ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer on a spacewalk last week. According to Voltmer, the image was captured with a C11 EdgeHD telescope (and you can check out more of his space photography here.)

“During the spacewalk of the two astronauts [Raja Chari] and [Matthias Maurer] the International Space Station appeared shortly after sunset in the bright evening sky over Germany,” he wrote. “This image of the ISS was taken on March 23, 2022.”

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