International Space Station (ISS) – Live Feed

Wondering how the Earth looks like at this moment? No need to imagine. You can check it out right now thanks to NASA’s  ISS HDEV cameras aboard the International Space Station. See our beautiful Planet from Space. Be a part of astronomers space walks.  It’s easy to catch a sunrise or sunset as the International  Space Station (ISS) passes through them every 45 minutes. Enjoy the stream. Thank you NASA!

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  • Hi Ignat, love the website, and I love the Universer too, and seeing the live feed of the space station is truly amazing, thank you for putting this site together, what do you think about the new soloar system they just discovered with the 7 Earth-like planets? Very exciting for sure! Good luck with the site and thanks again

    • Thanks for the words Mike, and for comment. Yes, is good to have a real-time view to our Planet.

      I think the new about the 7 Earth-like planets is one big step for understanding that the life thrives out there in Universe. I’m sure one day in far future all we will live as one big Milky Way Family :)))

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