Saturn’s Rings Closer than Ever Before

The NASA’s spacecraft “Cassini” made one of the closest and detailed images of Saturn’s rings. Their level of detail is unprecedented.

Currently runs the last mission of “Cassini” in which the machine will have to pass between the Saturn’s rings. This should be done in April.

Pictures of rings A and B are quite impressive and can even distinguish small touches that usually are not visible.

Saturn's Ring A
Saturn’s Ring A

The small white vertical gashes visible in the image of ring A, NASA has chosen to called propellers because of their shape. They indicate imbalance in gravity near the ring caused by the moons which are orbiting the planet.According NASA the scattered white spots in image are caused by cosmic rays and charged particle radiation.

The new picture of the ring B, made by Cassini is no less impressive than that of A, and indicates an extremely complex structure of the ring. Scientists do not know yet what causes this complex pattern, but NASA said photos like this can unveil the mystery.

Saturn's Ring B
Saturn’s Ring B

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