Video: The closest pictures of Jupiter by NASA’s probe Juno

On 5th of July 2016 Juno successfully arrived to Jupiter and insert itself into a polar orbit. This means Juno has spend last year gathering data around the biggest planet in our Solar System. So what has it actually seen. Was it worth all the fuss of get in this orbit of the Jupiter in the first place?

See the latest photos of the Juno probe, which is currently very close to the giant Jupiter. Humanity has never been able to see so closely the largest planet in the Solar System.

Enjoy this extraterrestrial beauty in the video below.

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2 Responses

  • This is a good collection of Jupiter’s details done by NASA. You have done a good job to making the common man informed. Keep the good work and update anything about the celestial studies.
    There are people behind us doing the work round the clock all for the welfare of humanity.

    I join and feel the hardship and pain they are undertaking for men on Earth.

    Thumps up and Cheers to them!

    • Thank you!
      Yes, all the time I think for all the people behind the scene with a lot of gratitude. We owe them so much!
      I will keep doing my best here, promise!

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