Why Can’t We See Evidence of Alien Life?

Stand by for an animated exploration of the famous Fermi Paradox. Given the vast number of planets in the universe, many much older than Earth, why haven’t we yet seen obvious signs of alien life? The potential answers to this question are numerous and intriguing, alarming and hopeful.


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  • This is great Ignat. I loved your video! I personally believe that there must be other intelligent life out there, after all, the laws of the Universe favor life. Just look at all the evidence of microbial life that survives deep space on our shuttle, on asteroids and comets.

    Sometimes, well most of the time, humanity can be so narrow minded. The Hubble telescope has viewed a grand total of less than 2% of the known Universe. Of that, we have scanned a miniscule of celestial territory, so it is simply not surprising nothing has been discovered yet.

    Most people just do not understand the scale involved here.

    Love your website, keep the truth out there bro.

    • I’m totally agree with you Falken.
      The Universe obviously is crazy about Life, and imagine the waste of Space if we are the only ones out there.
      We have to admit one thing- we are still very low in technology about Cosmos. Even that Hubble Telescope is in Space and is large as a school bus, the distance are so big so we can see in a details only our neighbours.
      Next year NASA are sending new telescope in space- bigger and more advanced than Hubble and hopefully we will get some clear images of waving green little guys with big black eyes 🙂
      But even without evidence, I’m 100% sure the Universe is full with Life.
      Thanks for the nice words about the website brother! All best for you!

  • Life in the cosmos is very common, but advanced technological civilization is exceptional because when a civilization reaches our stage of technology they destroy themselves either by a nuclear war or climate change ( or other means ) as we are are witnessing right now. This is my answer to the Fermi paradox.

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