Dark Matter, Dark Energy

dark matter dark energy

According to the modern idea of scientists, 25% of all matter in the Universe is invisible dark matter which affects the movement of galaxies, changes the path of light , and have a big influence of the structure of entire cosmos, 75% belongs to dark energy, and the rest 5% is all we know and see…

Few years ago,  the main candidate for dark matter were WIMP (Weakly Interactive Massive Particles), but now physicists from the University of California show another candidate well known from the 80’s  – “SIMPs”  – Strong Interacting Massive Particles.

What we know about dark matter?

Almost nothing, but still …

  • There is something!
  • Interacts with Gravity!
  • There is a lot of it!

Watch the explanatory video present by Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell and get a better idea of what is all this about.


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