Here’s What the Sky Would Look Like if The Moon Were Replaced by Our Planets


There is no danger of waking up one morning to see Jupiter hovering over your head. However, two amazing animations show exactly what this would look like.

Astronomer lover Nicholas Holmes creates videos about Space and uploads them to his amazing YouTube channel Yeti Dynamics.

One of his creations, which went viral at least several times since its publication in 2013, shows how the planets in our solar system would look if they orbited the Earth from the distance of the Moon.


The second video shows slightly different scenarios. Perhaps some of you know that all planets in the solar system can fit together in the space between Earth and the moon. What would the sky look like then? That’s what Holmes did in his other video – a parade of planets hovering above the sky over a long-distance street.

“I wanted to see what everything would look like,” Holmes told for Business Insider. “My main motivation was my own curiosity.”

That’s why he decided to make a video of the sky over Huntsville, Alabama, and replace the Moon with Planets using the 3ds Max software.

The result in the end is magnificent. Check it out below!


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