10 Interesting Moon Facts


The Moon always hypnotizes us no matter in which phase it is into. The beauty silver light sphere at night sky has inspired not only one romantic soul. Although we see it quite often almost never think about its nature. Here are some interesting moon facts:

Lunar dust. One of the most bizarre yet dangerous substances on the moon is the lunar dust. It is fine like flour, but very rough, so permeates almost everywhere. Lunar dust creates a lot of headaches during missions: dust almost completely cut the shoe of an astronaut, penetrates the ships and spacesuits, causing ‘lunar hay fever ” to astronauts.

Moon FactsMoon shadows. One of the moon facts  which surprised when Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, is that  the shades are much more darker than the earth’s one. This is due to the lack of atmosphere. Moon shadows are completely black. When fall into shadow, the astronauts were no longer able to see anything, regardless of the bright solar disk on the horizon.

Lunar magnetism. One of the amazing mysteries on the moon is connected with the fact that there is no magnetic field, but the stones brought form there have magnetic properties. It is believed that the moon once had a magnetic field, but for some reason it’s gone. Unless the stones are left by aliens?

The Moon also has earthquakes. This is very interesting moon fact.  Although the moon is a dead piece of rock with very low geological activity, there are some movements of the lunar crust. They call them “moonquakes.” Unlike Earth, on the moon earthquakes are caused by meteorite strikes or solar activity. The strongest lunar earthquakes is with magnitude 5.5 on the Richter scale and continue ten minutes.

Lunar funeral. There is also one lunar funeral. The ash of the American astronomer Eugene Shoemaker was transported to the moon. With this NASA expressed gratitude to the scientist who all of his life dreamed to stand on the natural satellite of our planet, but could not because of health problem.

Moon FactsLunar anomalies. Some photos taken by different satellites, seeing strange things on the surface of the Moon. Sometimes they look like artificial structures – from obelisks to parallelepipeds, reaching a height of 1.5 km. NASA has never commented.

The Moon is hostile. Most of us are familiar with the fact that the Moon has no oxygen, so we can say that it is quite inhospitable place. There are also high, but terribly high temperature variations, reaching around -136 to +126 degrees.

The moon is moving away from us with 3.78 cm per year. Orbit increased by approximately the same rate at which fingernails grows.The gravitational interaction that causes this, makes one more result: the speed at which the Earth rotates, reduces and the day becomes longer.

Moon FactsMoon has trash on its surface. It turns out that the moon is quite contaminated with earthly trash. Perhaps this is the greatest proof that the humans really set foot there. It is believed that on the surface is 181,437 kg earthly trash, mainly residues after various experiments, pieces of satellites, etc.

Moon wasn’t there all the time. The last of the moon facts is about the age of our satellite. The Moon was probably formed 4.5 billion years ago when a large celestial body slammed into Earth and the explosion flew rocks that come together and begin circling in orbit around the Earth. They eventually melt together, cool and turn into the moon. For 500 million years pieces of rocks continued to slam into the lunar surface.

So keep this in mind when you pick up your telescope next time and look at the Moon, I’m sure you will find it quite more interesting. And if you don’t  have a telescope yet, but you always wanted, here is some useful information how to get the right one for you. And don’t forget to smile 🙂

Moon Facts

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  • I was fascinated by the information you presented on in your article – especially two of them.  The first fact that lunar dust is so dangerous and is so sharp that it could cut a spacesuit.  Just imagine how lunar hayfever must feel if those particles are actually that corrosive inside the body!  Ouch!   The second piece of information about the lunar funeral was somethingof which I was totally unaware and very glad to know.  I loved your visuals as well.  Thank you for being so informative!

    • You’r welcome SharonRPh!

       I tried to make this fact collection shocking to the readers, and now I see I succeed!

      Thanks for the comment!

  • I think the most remarkable fact on here is that there is trash on the moon! How is that?? even possible?? 181,437 kg of earthly trash cannot be possible after one moon mission. There was only one time we went to the moon correct? So I wonder how that junk got up there? It really blows my mind. 

    • Hi Sophia!

      Unfortunately it’s possible. There were 6 manned missions on the Moon so far, and many more robotic ones. All they left a lot of trash out there, and hopefully one they we will clean all what is left form us.

      Thanks for the comment. 

  • These were very interesting and rarely known facts, thank you for sharing your knowledge 🙂 As a teacher, I must say that this will be very interesting for my or any students as well and will make any lesson much more interesting for them. It was really shocking and made me sad that you wrote that approximately 181,437 kg earthly trash can be found on the Moon’s surface. This is so unbelievable.

    • Happy to know you like the article for your students, Kisumu! Yes, I also think you going to have them attention with that Moons facts. Unfortunately, we had polluted the Moons surface pretty enough already, just like we did here on Earth and hope one day we will have a “cleaning missions”.  

  • The moon is what hit us 65 million years ago, the dark side of it will prove that theory. Because of static interference caused by the moon what ever was left was downsized over millennium to the point of where we are now. Now either the moon’s gravitational force kicks it back our way or we will lose the moon entirely as it floats away from us. We should be digging deeper if we want to really see what our past has been. The giants are real, gigantism is real. The more we talk about it the more we will accept it. Our timeline is extremely off it’s rocker and the proof is right there in front of us, but certain organizations try to hide what is in front of us, out of fear that our civilization will fall into chaos. Let’s not descend into chaos because our belief systems will be altered because of what’s true.

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