Rivers on Mars Flowed for More Than a Billion Years

At one time, Mars had a global ocean that may have covered about one third of the planet. Credit: NASA/GSFC

The rivers on Mars were wider and deeper than those on Earth, according to a publication in the Science Advances Magazine. Up to this conclusion, scientists reached an analysis of 200 dry river beds on the surface of the neighboring planet. Wide and deep rivers have existed on Mars for a surprisingly long period. This makes their disappearance even more mysterious and inexplicable.

“We could not explain why there were lakes and rivers on Mars, and the current discoveries make the question even more incomprehensible” writes Edwin Kite of the University of Chicago. ”It turns out that wide and deep rivers have been flowing on the surface of Mars for hundreds of millions of years, after which the surface has dried out definitively” Kite adds.

In recent years, scientists have discovered many suggestions that on the surface of Mars there have been rivers, lakes and water basins containing at least as much fluid as in the Arctic Ocean on Earth. Other Planetologist disagree and believe that even in ancient times, Mars was too cold and dry to form oceans.

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